Tonya Alexandra

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the idea for ‘The Impossible Story of Olive in Love’?

I was sitting in a graveyard arguing with a friend.

ME: ‘Wouldn’t it be weird if there were all these people living around us but we couldn’t see them because they were a colour not visible to the human eye?’

HIM: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. That’s impossible.’

This made me kind of mad. It seemed perfectly plausible to me. After all there are sounds the human ear can’t hear and there are light waves the human eye can’t see. Anyway, Olive came from this argument. I wanted to tell a story about a girl who had to deal with this conundrum.

Will there be more Olive books?

That’s the end of Olive’s story for now. I’m working away at something new, quiet and wild.

I want to know more about Olive!

Olive and I have a tumblr account, Orange Juice Sun. We post all sorts of cool things there that inspire us. Check it out and show us the sort of things that you love too.

You write about love a lot. Do you believe in True Love?

I believe in love absolutely. But an all-powerful fairytale ‘one true love’? I’m not so sure. Maybe that’s why I write about it? I like to challenge the paradigm. I want to show the good and the bad with Olive and Tom – the fights as much as the rapture.

What I do believe in, is loves ability to transform. It really is everyday magic. A hug, a smile, a kind word – works miracles. That’s why I like writing about all relationships, friendships, partnerships, kinship. People are so interesting!

Why write about Greek Mythology?

I love the way the Greeks dreamed stories up to explain their natural world. Imagine growing up in that society with magic everywhere. Nymphs in the trees, gods in the skies, just brilliant!

What happened to book 2 & 3 in the Love Oracle series?

Regretfully, my publishers pulled the plug. I’m hoping to publish the rest of the story someday. I’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime, I’m actually more proud of the Olive series – so read that!

Do you write for anyone else?

I’ve done some TV development work in the last two years which has been fun. Before that I was writing for travel magazines and newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. I still take on the odd story but I’m concentrating on novels at the moment.

How can I get published?

Hard work, patience and luck – but it is possible. For writers in Australia these organisations are helpful:

How can I become a better writer?

Every writer says ‘read’. Listen to them. Don’t get caught up trying to make your story perfect the first draft. Get the story down as fast as it comes to you. Then draft and draft and draft again. I found Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ and Libby Gleeson’s ‘Writing Hannah’ invaluable reads.

How can I contact you?