Tonya Alexandra

About Tonya

I’ve always valued imagination and creativity over reality. (Although I love reality TV. Hello. The Bachelor - best TV show ever!) As soon as I was old enough, I read fairy stories compulsively and wrote them on my typewriter. Yep. Typewriter. Damn. I must be old.

When I wasn’t reading or writing I’d make up stories, plays, movies with my sisters and best friends. A lot of us moved into creative industries, I did my time with the corporates in marketing, PR, web producing, travel writing. But it was never creative enough. It KILLED me.

I began writing novels when I became a stay-at-home mum. (I have the three best sons in the universe.) It started when my boys would nap in the afternoon and grew into a full time obsession. I am an awful person when I don’t write. Writing drip-feeds me some kind of jedi-like force. It’s therapy. I’m very passionate about people finding ‘their creative thing’. It doesn’t have to be painting masterpieces or writing Pulitzer prize literary; it is sewing or singing, keeping a diary or cooking. It’s making something, not taking something.